Ghazal – वो भी सराहने लगे अर्बाब-ए-फ़न के बाद

Woh bhi saraahne lage arbaab'e fUn ke baad

  • Ghazal: Wo bhi sarahne lage arbab-e-fan ke baad

Listen to this Ghazal in Alka Yagnik’s voice from the album ‘Shaguftagi’.


Once the masters had praised, they too were not hostile,
My poetry won respect, when I became an exile.

I searched far beyond the heedless moon’s boundary,
The heart found no solace, without your company.

In proclaiming the truth hangs the fears of the gallows,
But the question is, after that what follows?

Seal your lips and see, you will regret the act,
If a lull is enforced, the storm will attack.

In the shadows of exile, we think of the motherland’s sun,
Until I was abroad the homeland remained unsung.

There are no limits to a man’s endless wants,
Beyond two yards of shroud, two yards of land too he demands.

वो भी सराहने लगे अर्बाब-ए-फ़न के बाद

wo bhi sarahne lage-hindi

وہ بھی سراہنے لگے ارباب_فن کے بعد

wo bhi sarahne lage

Ghazal – वो भी सराहने लगे अर्बाब-ए-फ़न के बाद